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Jaw Filler

jaw filler

Everything about Jaw Filler!

Jaw Filler; Always attractive and strong jaw is favored by both women and men. In addition to having a face-to-face, it has a beautiful line, and at the same time, the chin face, which is integrated symmetrically, is clearer and more beautiful.

However, some jaw problems, inherent genetic characteristics can cause differences in the jaw area. These differences may be very small, or they can be confronted with the measure that one does not like.

In such situations, many people tend to operate the jaw filling operation and undergo aesthetic operation for a more elegant, symmetrical jaw. In our country, a lot of people prefer to nose aesthetics while jaw filler is not a very common process in our country yet.

Especially in the Asian countries, which are the countries of the south, and the surrounding countries, jaw filling is a preferred process. With the development of technology, chin filler, which is especially preferred by the celebrities, has started to become widespread among the people.

How is the jaw filling done?

Many people think that it is a difficult process when the jaw filling is called. At this point, it is said that individuals will interfere with the bones in the wrong jaw point. But this is a known misidentification among the people. Injection techniques and needling and filling methods are used in jaw filling.

In addition to filling the Çenedek pits, it is aimed to achieve a softer image by equalizing the points on the foreground. A variety of dermal fillers are used to shape the lower face region. Filling material is not the only one in the chin.

There are many varieties and at this point they are injected into the individual after they have been tested for allergy testing. Hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen, fat cell, hydro-silapatite calcium is filled with materials such as.

Fat cells are the most used in jaw filling process. It is said that it is a healthier application than the others and the filling process is carried out with the fat cells obtained from the self.

No anesthetic method is used when jaw filling is performed. However, local anesthesia

How is the jaw filling done?

Injection techniques are used in jaw filling. Dermal filling materials are used to correct the look of the pit, to shape and configure the lower face. There are various types of filler used in filler injection.

These include hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen (an allergy test should be given 4 weeks before treatment), fat cells (obtained from your own body, autologous fat), man made biodegradable polymer, calcium hydroxyapatite etc. materials. The most important of the filler injections is the use of filler material approved by the Ministry of Health.

Anesthesia is not required for jaw filling. However, if requested by the patient, your skin may be numbed by local anesthesia. The filling material is injected under the skin with small needles. The jaw filling session takes about 15 minutes.

With a correct treatment plan, a clear jaw line can be provided, your structural features can be sharpened significantly, and the contours of your face and jaw can be significantly improved.

Jaw Filler

Why is the jaw filling done?

Fill injections are aesthetic surgical methods commonly used to fill skin wrinkles or depressions in the face area. In addition, the volume of the face is also applied to fill up deficiencies.

When injected deep underneath, the filler injections raise the area by plumping it. The effect of the filler injection usually disappears within a certain period of time from the quality of the product used.

The jaw projection, which is increased by injection of filling materials, may form a more ‘V’ shaped face. This can match the ratios of the jaw with other features of the face, and the overall aesthetic of the face can be increased.

To get more detailed information about your jaw aesthetics, our esthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist. Dr. You can make an appointment from the current Öztürk.

What are the advantages of jaw fill?

Hereditary or familial characteristics have a significant effect on aesthetic properties and surgical, filling and liposuction techniques can be used to correct the aesthetic defects in the landscape.

For all patients, there is not a single technique to increase the chin line. It also varies as surgical and non-surgical techniques. Surgical techniques require permanent surgery, anesthesia and recovery.

Non-surgical techniques, ie filling and liposuction techniques, are a much more attractive option for those who provide fast and practical solutions, do not require a healing period, especially those who are afraid of surgery and do not have enough time for healing.

Otherwise, non-surgical techniques provide a preliminary trial for patients who are considering surgery. A soft jaw line, a weak mandibular border and / or jaw shape, can be corrected with a soft tissue loosening jaw fill aesthetic.

Jaw Filler Prices 2021

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