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Face and Neck Stretching Without Surgery

face and neck stretching without surgery

Face and neck stretching without surgery

Face and Neck Stretching Without Surgery; Many people are experiencing aesthetic problems. Today, with the development of technology, many changes and convenience in the field of medicine have been experienced and these changes have manifested itself in aesthetic field.

In addition to the ease of operations, a number of aesthetic procedures can be performed without surgery. These are the facial & neck stretching process with silhoutte soft which is a procedure without surgery.

Sagging in the face area causes many people to worry about lying under the knife even though the individual has aesthetic concerns due to the bad image that occurs in the neck region. However, thanks to this non-surgical face lift operation, it is possible to reach the desired image with great ease.

How to do simple face lift?

The iple face lift process known as Silhouurre soft technique is a very practical and quick method. It can achieve very successful results by reducing the fear of surgery after a quick procedure. At this point special rope is inserted into the face and these ropes stay inside the face.

After this process, the rope dissolving process proceeds slowly over time. However, in some cases the rope is melting and a burning risks arise. However, since these risks are lower than the risk of surgery, face and neck stretching with silhoutte soft is frequently preferred by many people as a preferred method.

In which situations is the silhoutta (iple face lift) process used?

In one face lifting process, face lifting is the most preferred method. While tightening is achieved on this scale, the sagging that occurs with age is gone. The sagging in the food and neck region can be stored and tightened in the region.

The simple facelift is also used in the cheek aesthetic. If there is a low cheek in the area of ​​the cheekbones, cheek hanging operation is performed with this method. Aesthetic problems such as low eye and low eyebrows can be replaced with eyebrow removal applications.

Differences can be created in the neck and jaw line. Finally, stretching is performed with rope in the nose aesthetics many people are curious about.

Face and Neck Stretching Without Surgery Prices 2021

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