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  • Face and Neck Stretching Without Su..

    Face and neck stretching without surgery Many people are experiencing aesthetic problems. Today, with the development of technology, many changes and convenience in the field of medicine have been experienced and these changes have manifested itself in aesthetic field. In addition to the ease of operations, a number of aesthetic procedures can be performed without surgery. These are the facial & neck stretching process with silhoutte soft which is a procedure without surgery. Sagging in the face area causes many people to worry about lying under the knife even though the individual has aesthetic concerns due to the bad image that occurs in the neck region. However, thanks to this non-..

  • Lip filler..

    Wondering about Lipstick The plump, shaped and beautiful lips are the most important symbols of women's aesthetics not only today but when we look at a person's face, the eyes form the focus point at the upper part of the face and the lips form the room point at the lower part. The lips, which are attractive and distinctive lines, are the expression of sexual attraction, health and youth. Causes of Need for Lip Stuff, In some people the lips are structurally incredulous. In addition, depending on the age, the lips lose their appeal just like the other parts of the face, and the lips become lighter and thinner due to the loss of volume due to aging. In addition to all these, osteopor..

  • Jaw Filler..

    Everything about Jaw Filler! Always attractive and strong jaw is favored by both women and men. In addition to having a face-to-face, it has a beautiful line, and at the same time, the chin face, which is integrated symmetrically, is clearer and more beautiful. However, some jaw problems, inherent genetic characteristics can cause differences in the jaw area. These differences may be very small, or they can be confronted with the measure that one does not like. In such situations, many people tend to operate the jaw filling operation and undergo aesthetic operation for a more elegant, symmetrical jaw. In our country, a lot of people prefer to nose aesthetics while jaw filler is not a very..